Scorpion Blast

1200p direct pressure blast cabinet technical data

Blast cabinet
Working chamber width 1200mm
Working chamber depth 915mm
Working chamber height 1000mm
Overall width 1620mm
Overall depth 1610mm
Overall height 2455mm
Door opening width 760mm
Door opening height 865mm
Total weight ≈800kg
Dust collector
Airflow total volume 850m³/hr (500cfm)
Airflow velocity 0.2m/sec (42ft/min)
Filter cartridge area 21m² (226ft²)
Air to cloth ratio 2.2:1
Residual dust content < 2 mg/Nm³
Filtering efficiency 99.99% on 0.5µm particle
Reverse pulse on time 0 – 1 sec. increments of 0.2 sec.
Reverse pulse off time 0 – 5 minutes
Electrical power supply 380 – 415 Volt, 50HZ, 3 Phase
Cabinet lighting 2 x 18w
Cabinet illumination 750lux
Dust collector fan power 1.5kw (2hp)
Compressed air
Blast generator volume 15 litres
Compressed air consumption 68m³/hr (40cfm) @ 5.5bar (80psi)
Working pressure 2.0 – 6.8bar (30 – 100psi)
Supply air residual oil content < 5mg/m³
Supply air residual humidity content < 5mg/m³ Pressure dew point 3 - 5°C
Recommended abrasive
Glass Beads B/3 - AE/10
Aluminium Oxide #24 – 180
Steel Grit ≤G40
Silicon Carbide #24 – 180
Stainless Steel Shot S10 – S40
Ceramic Beads B125 – B20

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